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Riverside Presbyterian Basketball League

League Rules and Regulations

League Rules and Regulations

1. League Committee

The league shall be under the sponsorship and guidance of a Board of Directors which shall operate under the Community Life Committee of Riverside Presbyterian Church. all rules, regulations, and procedures should be in agreement with the policies of the church. The league will be run by a Board of Directors, made up of designated individuals from the church and/or others who hold in high regard the safety and well-being of all involved. The Board of Directors and those whom they designate, whether paid or unpaid, shall be the governing body enforcing the rules of the league, issuing fair play, and settling disputes.

2. Age Verification

a) A player's age is determined by the age of the player as of August 1, 2019. A younger player, by permission of the league, may play up tp an older age group.
b) Request for Age Exception: Players are assigned to teams in age divisions based on their league age on August 1, 2017. children born between May 1 and July 31 may request an exception, either up or down in division. The request must be in writing. All players who have requested an Age Exception will be evaluated during an Age Exception Evaluation Day. The date, time, and location of this evaluation is located on the Important Dates page. The league will take into consideration all criteria, including height, weight, experience, and skill level of players. A decision by the Age Exception Committee will be final. This committee will consist of the Director of Operations/ League Director and Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. The deadline for all Age Exception requests is October 22.
c) If a player's age is in question, player or coach must submit proper Proof of Age (birth certificate or other legal document). The league may prohibit a player from participation until such proof is provided and will be the ruling body concerning player eligibility.

3. Rosters

a) Rosters must be submitted before the first game.
b) There will be no roster additions after November 8, 2019, unless an oversight occurred by the League. All roster additions must be approved by the League.
c) In the event that a team is unable to continue play in the league, the Director of Operations/ League Director will determine if players on said team may be allowed to be transferred to other teams.

4. Fielding a Team

a) Number of Players
A team may play an official game with four players. Opposing team will be allowed to continue with five players, plus any substitutes.
b) Game Time
Game time is defined as "the scheduled starting time as it appears on the schedule", or "five minutes following the completion of the preceding game", whichever is later. There is no other grace period regarding failure to field a team on time. Coach may then agree to allow forfeiting team to add enough players (up to no more than 8 total players) to play a practice game. Opposing coach or designated Court Monitor has authority to nullify the adding of any players (who are known to be part of the league or unknown), but who might jeopardize the safety of the other players or violate the spirit of the league.

5. Standings

a) In a One Division League, the following tie breaker is used in order:
1. Head-to-Head competition
2. Coin flip

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